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29-Jan-2016 by Bobs

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October 2015 Cakes

17-Oct-2015 by Bobs

Knitting sewing basket cake

Roblox Cake

Roblox Cake

Star Destroyer Cake Birdcage Cake Star Destroyer Cake

September 2015 Cakes

17-Oct-2015 by Bobs

Rhubarb & Custard Cupcakes

Minion Bride & Groom Wedding Cake

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Tractor & Farm cake

Vintage Birdcage Wedding Cake

13-Sep-2015 by Bobs

We’ve had a very busy week this week, creating this 4-tier vintage birdcage cake. This needed to serve at least 130, as it was being used as the dessert at the wedding. The guests had a choice of four flavours: Vanilla sponge with jam and vanilla buttercream; lemon sponge with lemon curd and lemon buttercream; coffee and walnut sponge with coffee buttercream or raspberry sponge with raspberry conserve and white chocolate ganache! We’ve certainly enjoyed all the off-cuts this week!

We decided to stack the cake at home and then transport the whole thing to the venue in the New Forest. That was one HEAVY cake! I literally couldn’t lift it myself but thankfully, Mr Forest Cupcakes was on hand with his strong muscles 🙂 Luckily we didn’t have too far to drive, but we did drive extra slowly with a big ‘Wedding Cake Onboard’ sign in the car window. There are now about a dozen sugar pearls rolling around in the boot of our car so it was a god job I took spares!

Vintage Birdcage Cake Vintage Birdcage cake

July 2015 Cakes

30-Aug-2015 by Bobs

Oops – just realised I hadn’t posted a few of our cakes from July 2015 (the start of the school holidays, so we were pre-occupied!)

Steampunk Cake


Steampunk cake

Dinosaur cake

Golf cupcakes

Monster Truck cake


August 2015 Cakes

30-Aug-2015 by Bobs

Here’s a compilation of our efforts throughout August 2015. We kept the diary fairly clear as August is school summer holidays and the kids really wouldn’t appreciate us all staying home to work on cakes 🙂
Minion Cake Doc McStuffins Cake Frozen Cake Gardening Cake for Man Daisy & Bunny Christening Cake Avengers Cake August 20151

Tattoo Machine Cake

4-Aug-2015 by Bobs

This one is all the work of Mr Forest Cupcakes and I think he did a fantastic job! When the order for a tattoo machine cake came in, I was quick to task him with it! Not that I have anything against tattoo machines, I just have no idea how anything mechanical works and my attempts would have resulted in a square shaped cake with a ‘thingy’ attached! True to form, Hubby did his research and spent a lot of time making all the different little elements. The recipient runs his own tattoo business, and has the rabbit as part of his logo – hence the little pile of rabbit business cards 🙂 This was an 8″ square vanilla sponge (serving 32), air-brushed to give this vibrant blue, and all the elements of this cake (apart from the really pointy bit) were edible!


tattoo cake

Train Christening Cake

4-Aug-2015 by Bobs

This 8″ chocolate sponge (serving 24) was created for little Mylo’s Christening celebrations. Decorated in different shades of blue, with a cascade of stars and topped off with a hand-made fondant train.



Disco Cake

4-Aug-2015 by Bobs

The notes I have in my order book for this one was “Pink/purple/shimmer/stars/bling/mirror balls” – think I just about covered all those requirements! This was an 8″ chocolate sponge serving 24, decorated in this fun way for the disco dancing Ellie.



Chocolate and summer berry cake

13-Jul-2015 by Bobs

Initially, when this request came in, I have to admit to being slightly terrified. The customer supplied us with an image of a 4-tier square chocolate wedding cake which just looked like pure perfection! Every chocolate lovers dream cake! Now, I don’t know if you know this, but square cakes are really, really tricky to get right. All those very straight, very sharp edges and angles – they are so easy to get wrong! Hence we tend to shy away from the square cake orders. Add to this the fact that we are not chocolatiers, quite the opposite! We work with fondant for 95% of our cake creations.

However, after discussing the finer details with the customer, we established that only a 2-tier cake was required for his mothers 90th birthday. Round cakes were fine, as was a more ‘rustic’ appearance……panic over 🙂

So, here we have the finished result. This was a 10″ and 7″ round two-tier chocolate sponge serving 53. The cakes are filled and covered with a dark chocolate ganache, and then covered with a further layer of a glossier, runnier chocolate ganache. Decorated with fresh summer berries and chocolate flowers and leaves, I don’t think it looks too bad 🙂 Certainly not as perfect as the original image – but for a first time, and on a hot day, not bad at all!

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