Special Diets


After our first ever request for ‘gluten-free’ cakes, we sought advice from an experienced baker who specialises in Gluten Free products. We used her recipe, sourced Gluten Free flour, baking powder and corn flour and made every effort to avoid cross-contamination. We checked each and every ingredient to make sure it was gluten-free. Thankfully, the cakes were a success and we received great feedback. We’ve had loads of enquiries as a result of this, so are pleased to say that we are  happy to offer these alongside our ‘normal’ cakes (not literally, of course!).

However, there is new legislation which took effect as of January 2012, regarding the use of the ‘Gluten Free’ statement. Because of this legislation, we will use the term “No gluten-containing ingredients” instead of gluten-free. This is because out kitchen is certainly not a gluten-free zone – far from it! So, although we can endeavour to avoid cross-contamination, there is certainly no guarantee. If you want to read more about the legislation, here are a couple of good links.



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