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Well, living in the Heart of the New Forest, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was asked to make some pony themed cakes! The order came in for a little girls 6th Birthday cake – pony themed big cake with 26 cupcakes for the party guests to take home.

Castle and Dragon


This cake was a real joint effort between my Hubs and I. He made the dragon and the little creature sitting on top of the castle (apparently a character from a computer game!). He also helped me loads with the construction of the cake as he’s far more suited to structural engineering than I am!! […]

Rugby Cupcakes


This was an order I did a couple of weeks ago, for Tai, who had just celebrated his 16th Birthday and who’s main hobby is rugby. His Auntie ordered them for him, to be delivered by post! Luckily, I’d already had two successful postal trials and the customer was happy to take the risk with […]

A Christening Cake with the ‘Wow’ Factor!


I am SO pleased with how this cake turned out! This was only my second attempt at a tiered cake, so I was feeling slightly nervous about this one – but having practiced the week before on my little boys Birthday cake, it was actually fairly straight-forward. Just takes lots of careful planning and┬ápreparations. This […]

Planes, Trains & Automobiles


This is the cake I made for my little boy’s 2nd Birthday! There were all sorts of themes I could’ve used, but I really needed to tackle a two-tier cake as practice for my first proper tiered cake order the following week. So, being the typical little boy, Eddie loves all things vehicle related – […]

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